Updating Your Digital Business Listings

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Tue, Apr 19, 2016 @ 10:23 AM

Updating Your Digital Business Listings | Wicked Local Media Solutions

It wasn’t that long ago when people needed to open a phone book to find a local business; and that wasn’t necessarily an easy task. Consumers could only judge those businesses based on their ads or by the alphabetical contact list. Now, your business’s contact information can be found in a matter of seconds with a simple web search.

Thanks to search engines and business listing websites, businesses can be accessed by millions of web users a day. Search engine marketing (SEM) can help build your reach, but if your contact information is incorrect, consumers searching for your business will not be able to connect with you. These are some of the popular sites you can visit to check on the accuracy of your business's contact information and fix it if necessary.

Search EnginesUpdating Your Digital Business Listings | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Search engines are the most likely way a potential consumer will find your business. Google, Yahoo, and Bing are all competing to be the search engine that can provide customers with the most accurate and most useful information. This includes your business’s address, phone number, and a brief description of what you offer. However, this information is collected through data entry and secondary sources, so it can be incorrect. To fix these mistakes, search engines will offer you the chance to claim your business and provide corrected copy.


Business Listing Sites

When asked to search for your business, search engines may provide links to your business’s profile on certain business listing sites. These sites provide contact information and usually offer a place for consumers to review your services. Claiming your business allows you the opportunity to update information and connect with customers who have shared their thoughts about your business.


Updating Your Digital Business Listings | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Yelp was one of the very first business listing websites and is still extremely popular with users, averaging 140 million searches every month. Claim your business on Yelp so you can update contact information, provide an in-depth description of your business, and engage with customers who have commented on their experience.

Angie’s List 

Updating Your Digital Business Listings | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Angie’s list is a website that is designed to connect consumers with local professionals and service providers. Unlike most business listing sites, Angie’s List requires its users to pay for their service, which means that these customers are more likely to convert into paying customers.

Better Business Bureau 

Updating Your Digital Business Listings | Wicked Local Media Solutions

This non-profit watchdog group is known to help protect consumers from predatory businesses, but the Better Business Bureau’s website is also considered as a source to find trustworthy local businesses. Yelp and Angie’s List are for-profit companies that provide advertising opportunities, the Better Business Bureau offers customers just the facts about a business.

You want customers to have an easy time finding your business online. As you build your digital footprint, take the time and make sure that the contact information provided on every web page is up-to-date and accurate. Don’t allow any opportunity for a consumer to be discouraged and search for another solution to their problem.

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