Using Email Marketing to Engage with Consumers

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Wed, Mar 11, 2015 @ 03:00 PM

Using Email Marketing to Engage with Consumers | Wicked Local Media SolutionsPeople like to claim that social media has become the primary way people communicate with each other online. In reality, email is still the digital conversation king. Facebook knows this and has been trying to make its messenger app an email substitute for younger generations. However, with 122,500,453,020 emails sent every hour, email still holds a majority of the power.

One of the reasons why email is such a giant, is because not everyone has a Facebook or Twitter account. However, almost everyone has at least one email address. In 2014, the Radicati Group reported that more than 2.5 billion email addresses existed globally.

Email isn’t just a way to send photos to loved ones across the country, it’s also access to consumers. With billions of people writing, receiving and reading emails everyday, businesses have a captive way to capture people at their desk or at their home and deliver messages that engage potential customers. 72% of people say they check their email via smartphone throughout the day.

While print media mailings are successful because they reach so many people through sheer volume of publication, direct email works because it can reach just as many people directly and is personalized for their attention. Businesses don’t have to worry if a consumer may or may not see their ad, because sending an email means their messages reach an audience instantly.

It also offers a local business the opportunity to personalize a message to potential customers. Studies have found that making marketing messages personal leads to stronger responses. Compared to ads on social media, which reach many people digitally, McKinsey and Company found that email marketing creates more business than advertising through Facebook and Twitter.

When you think about it, it makes sense. When you are scrolling through your personal feeds on social media, ads show up in the feed or on the side. While these ads can capture attention and draw interest, if you are looking to see what’s trending with family and friends, these ads may be lost. However, with direct email, the ads don’t appear to be asking for your involvement. They are creating engagement just by appearing in your inbox and having a subject line that your eyes have to read.

That’s why 42% of businesses say it’s their most effective lead generation tool. 81% of U.S. digital shoppers say that they are more likely to purchase items because of targeted emails.

Direct email isn’t just about offering a great deal, it’s also about communicating a message effectively and personally. It’s about creating an email template that draws your audience in and offers them the opportunity to engage with your brand. It’s building content that fosters a relationship with a potential customer.

There aren’t many advertising opportunities for businesses that offer both the ability to send a large volume of content to dedicated consumers and the ability to engage with each one personally. Direct email has the ability to fill both of these needs. It is an indispensable way for companies to create business and nurture clients at a time where customer engagement is a priority.

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