Using Holiday Marketing to Grow Consumer Awareness

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Tue, Nov 22, 2016 @ 02:58 PM

Using Holiday Marketing to Grow Consumer Awareness | Wicked Local Media Solutions

The holiday season has begun, and millions of dollars will be spent across the nation in the next few weeks.  You can make sure your store stays busy during this time, by marketing your seasonal promotions, services, and merchandise through a mix of print and online advertising.

Using print and digital media as a part of your marketing strategy allows you to expand your  brand across multiple audiences. Through print media you can create a message that will attract both active and passive shoppers, and with online advertising you can target customers through carefully targeted ads and email marketing.

Holiday guides are a great example of traditional print marketing. Consider this a catalog for local businesses, with a collection of advertisements that not only promote local businesses, but the merchandise and deals you’ll be offering over the next few weeks. These guides are a great way for your business to announce your holiday hours and introduce yourself to casual readers who will be looking for deals and promotions.

Another print option is to advertise in the pages of your local newspaper. These ads are designed to connect with the average reader. You can use these ads to adjust your message based on how your business is doing, any new or extra product inventory, or special offers, sales and promotions. Newspaper advertising offers flexibility to adjust your message based on your business needs.  

A digital marketing campaign, can take on a different perspective when trying to reach an audience. Typical web ads don’t have to depend on just words, you can include animation or even a short video message. These ads can also target internet users who have searched for certain terms or looked at your website in the past. You can create a campaign about your business that follows them  as they explore different websites.

Some businesses find that one of the most successful marketing strategies for them tis to use direct email advertising to target their customers.. The emails can be targeted to different demographics to target a specific audience, and you can build a message that is personalized for that customer. Email messages that are  personalized offer a higher rate of consumer interaction.

During the holiday season people are always on the lookout for businesses that will make their shopping experience easier. By advertising your business across multiple types of media,  you are reaching current and potential customers, and increasing your brand visibility and your financial success during the holidays.

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