Using Live Chat to Engage with Your Digital Customers

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Fri, Feb 20, 2015 @ 12:23 PM

Using Live Chat to Engage with Your Digital Customers | Wicked Local Media SolutionsGenerating sales is more than just having the right products being visible to consumers. It’s also a matter of creating engagement with customers. Every customer wants to feel welcomed to a business. They like to feel that their patronage is wanted and needed.

Advertising and marketing strategies in the 21st century are focused on making consumers feel like they are part of a community. Making this connection through your digital store can be incredibly difficult. After all, you need to still represent your company online, but also offer an easy way for customers to contact and communicate with your enterprise.

The solution to facilitating a conversation with customers in the digital space is introducing a live chat window to your website.

Live chat is your company’s opportunity to show customers that you are available to them at any hour and that you are engaged with their overall experience.

You’ve probably utilized live chat while looking for customer support online. A chat bubble will appear on the screen, introducing the user to a representative from the organization. They will ask if you need help, or just introduce themselves to let you know that someone is waiting for you if help is required.

The concept is based on your experience when you are in a physical store shopping. How many times have you felt like you needed help, but no employees were around to help you? Well ecommerce shoppers feel the same way. 83% of customers require some type of live support when making an online transaction.

So a live chat option isn’t an unwanted solicitation. Don’t think that customers are okay once they have found your website. Show them that you are there to help them make a purchase or to support them if they have an issue. In fact, 73% of people who have used live chat have had a positive experience.

The chat box offers customers an immediate reaction to their presence. 79% of users say that’s why they like a live chat experience, because they feel their issues are looked after immediately.

Online chat isn’t a tool to pretend you’re interested in questions, it’s a way for your business to get involved with consumers as they are shopping. Help consumers with their questions and offer them other items or other deals. 80% of customers said they would use live chat if incentives were offered.

The goal of every business is to welcome their customers to their retail space. That’s why you probably have at least one employee stationed by the front door of your store. To invite customers in and welcome them to your business. Letting the customers know that your store is ready to meet their needs.

The same is true for your digital store. Welcome your customers and see how you can help them enjoy their experience. What products are they looking for? Are they looking items on sale? Do they have any questions about your store? Offer them the same experience digitally that the would get in reality. These positive experiences will be the reason that customers continue to visit all of your business’ locations, on Main Street and online.

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