Using Meerkat and Periscope to Market Your Business

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Tue, Jul 28, 2015 @ 02:25 PM

Using Meerkat and Periscope to Market Your Business | Wicked Local Media Solutions

The latest trend in social media marketing is live streaming video announcements and events. Earlier this year, Meerkat debuted at South by Southwest with lots of hype. They were close to partnering with Twitter, however, Twitter, acquired a similar app called Periscope instead. Since then, both video apps have been gaining popularity and people are exploring the opportunities they offer.

Celebrities are using it to give their fans a look at life “behind the scenes.” Businesses are using them to run secret contests. News outlets are airing interviews and press conferences live by just holding their smartphones. Live streaming video might be the most important social tool since the “Like” button.

So how can your business use it?

1) Start by searching for and installing the apps for your smartphone or tablet.

2) Login to the app. Both apps allow you to login by granting access your Twitter account. If available, they will create a user ID based on the existing name. This is great news because it allows you to keep branding across social platforms consistent.

3) Both apps will walk you through how to use their products. There are only a few steps, but take the time to read the directions and follow the steps they lay out for you. It can be a big help when it comes time to start filming and following feeds.

4) Think about how to debut your Periscope/Meerkat accounts. Think of something that’s unique to your business. Is there a new item or service your business is about to feature? What are the most popular questions that people ask you? Is there a skill you want to demonstrate for your clients? Set up a video demonstration to answer that question or showcase that skill.

Then start promoting the video. Both apps offer a scheduling feature, to make people aware that a video stream is going to start at a certain time. Post an announcement on all of your social media feeds. Let your followers know that you’re making your streaming video debut. Think of a hashtag that can be used to celebrate this too.

When it comes time to film, buy a tripod for you smartphone or tablet to make sure you have a steady camera. Welcome everyone to your first live streaming video and introduce the topic. Then start answering questions or begin the demonstration. You may want to have an assistant nearby to control the camera if it needs to be moved.

Once you’ve made your initial live streaming video, don’t give up on it. Don’t worry about posting a video every week, but continue to use it to help build your audience and your brand online. Every time you think about frequently asked questions or want to make an announcement think if there’s a way you can turn it into a video. If you can, set a date for it and start to promote it. If you don’t want to be featured in the video, find someone on your staff who will be great on camera.

Remember that video content is some of the most watched content online. These live streaming videos offer another way for consumers to become aware of your business. Start building your videos, and show customers that you are a brand that is involved in helping and informing your community.

Nick Pizzolato is the Marketing Content Manager at Wicked Local Media Solutions. For questions, topics for future blogs, or to share your favorite moment from the film “Back to the Future,” email him at


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