Using Special Sections to Connect with Customers

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Tue, Aug 09, 2016 @ 12:04 PM

Using Special Sections to Connect with Customers | Wicked Local Media Solutions

As summer begins to wind down and the weather starts to turn cold, people will begin to make plans to fix and update their homes for the winter. During this time, homeowners are going to be looking for new trends, tools, materials, appliances, and professionals to complete large and small scale jobs. By advertising your business in a home improvement special section, consumers will see who you are and what you have to offer.

Special section publications are produced by area news outlets throughout the year and are aimed at connecting advertisers and consumers. They are generally focused on a single topic or theme and share stories that help answer questions for the audience. They also offer a place for local businesses to promote themselves, their products, and promotions.

A home improvement section can be used by any business that sells home goods or home repair products. It’s not just a kitchen renovation or building a new fence around your yard, it can also include making curtains, hanging art or rehabbing an old table. Home improvement is as wide as a category as there is, and anyone from a hardware store owner to a professional designer can take part to connect with customers

What makes special sections stand out as an excellent advertising opportunity, is because customers who have an interest in that topic will use it as a reference. A special section isn’t designed to be read once and discarded, it’s full of useful content that is always in need through the next year. That content also includes your business’s advertisements.

Your advertisements can take many shapes, they aren’t limited to just standard print ad sizes. Along with full page, half page, and quarter page advertisements, your business can pay to develop content or find ways to sponsor a certain section, maybe even a reader callout. Work with the publication and find ways for your business to make your voice unique.

Every season offers different opportunities for your business to connect with local consumers. Look for what special section your business can utilize to reach and engage with customers.

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