Using Technology to Create Portable Cashiers

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Mon, Dec 05, 2016 @ 01:31 PM

Using Technology to Create Portable Cashiers | Wicked Local Media Solutions

The cashier is one of the most familiar parts of any local business. However, in the digital age, even this concept is changing. Shoppers are more eager to just find and buy their items right away, leaving the store as quickly as possible.

Consumers have less patience for waiting in long lines and over time stores have attempted different experiments to create a better experience for these customers. Grocery and department stores offer self-checkout options for shoppers to use, while some retail stores are creating alternative ways for people to pay for products without waiting in line at all.

One of the newer solutions is for stores to send employees to the floor to help customers find items and also process their transaction away from the register. Stores are investing in mobile devices and retail apps to offer their shoppers a way to make sales faster and more personal. These roaming cashiers give consumers the option of bypassing the line completely and make them feel like a valued customer being offered a special service.

Some popular mobile cashier apps being used are:






There are other benefits to having cashiers interact with customers with portable devices. You can commit to having a paperless store. By suggesting to customers that you can email the receipt to them, you can promote that your business is eco-friendly and save money on register paper and ink. You also are able to collect those emails and use the contact information for future email marketing campaigns.

Technology is changing the way people are shopping, giving them more options and providing instant gratification. Investing in portable cashier technology will show your guests that you want to offer them fast and efficient service. Being a part of this digital retail revolution will impress customers them with how innovative your business is.

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