Video: How to Recognize Custom Content

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Wed, Oct 07, 2015 @ 11:21 AM

Video: How to Recognize Custom Content | Wicked Local Media Solutions

In just ten years, technology has drastically evolved and changed the way people engage with news media. Reading a newspaper or website isn’t just about creating and ranking stories that will appeal to readers, it’s also about finding a way make advertising more engaging to those readers.

Consumers, as a whole, have become more aware of the products they are buying and have shown less interest in traditional ad placement. Instead of being sold a product or being told why they should take part in a promotion, customers want to learn about what the product is and how a promotion will benefit them. To meet this knowledge demand by customers, it’s been necessary to evolve the traditional ad opportunities to a more educational marketing campaign. These ads that seek to inform consumers are called custom content advertisements, or native advertising.

Custom content offers a business the chance to tell their story and have it assume the role of a news story in print or online publication. These stories typically show up as “sponsored content” on news sites to differentiate it from news stories. Studies have shown that custom content advertising increases consumer purchase intent, sharing of the content with friends and strengthening brand identification. We have a 30-second video to help you recognize custom content advertisements and discover how it can help your business.

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