Video: Using Direct Solutions in Your Marketing Strategy

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Wed, Nov 11, 2015 @ 11:26 AM

Video: Using Direct Solutions in Your Marketing Strategy | Wicked Local Media Solutions

When people talk about advertising, you may think of traditional types of marketing. Print or online ads may be the first thing to come to mind. Perhaps the first thing you think of is a TV or radio commercial. Reaching new customers can take many forms, and one of them is through the mailbox.

Wicked Local Media Solutions offers a direct mail solution that will send information about your business to new customers in communities that surround your business. Direct mail advertising is a great way for your business to make a personal connection with a customer. Most of our daily interactions happen through digital or electronic messaging, a piece of mail still really resonates with people. According to one study, 92% of young shoppers prefer direct mail because they feel engaged by its personalization.

Direct mail can be used by any type of business. Brick and mortar stores can send out notices to help promote a sale or promotion. Realtors can look to attract new customers looking to buy or sell their home. Contractors and painters can use direct mail to introduce themselves and their services to the neighborhood. Our Direct Solutions packages can help your business make a connection with new customers in your area.

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