Why Using a Logo Builds Success for Your Brand

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Tue, Apr 07, 2015 @ 03:25 PM

Why Using a Logo Builds Success for Your Brand | Wicked Local Media Solutions

What makes a business stand out? If you own a pizza restaurant, what makes your store different from a pizzeria down the street? Sure, the quality of food is one way to tell the difference, but what if an out-of-state visitor comes to town? How will they decide between two options if they have no reference? The person might makes his choice based on which one has the most impactful logo.

Logos are powerful tools that business owners can use to build a recognizable, trustworthy and memorable brand. Our brains process images 60,000 times faster than we process written language. A picture of a pizza will represent a pizzeria faster than the actual words “pizzeria.” A customer who sees that image and associates it with a memory of eating a pizza may choose that business over yours just based on how that image makes them feel.

Logos are not just pictures of products you sell in your store, they are symbols that represent your business. An image could include the name of your business, but more importantly, it gives your business a distinctive color and shape that makes it unique. According to, 80% of consumers think color increases brand recognition. A great image makes your business stand out and seem special.

Try to remember the first time you had a hamburger from McDonalds. While you were eating it, you were probably looking around at your cup and fries and other food wrappers. By the time you finished your meal your brain had made the connection between their food and their giant “M.” That’s what a strong and powerful image can do, connect a customer to a product or service.

This connection isn’t unique to global businesses, every business owner can create this relationship between client and store by creating a representative image. This icon can be repeated a dozen times and always mean the same thing. It becomes the recognized symbol for the products and services your business offers.

Your logo can become a landmark in your community. A great example is the Citgo sign in Boston. People have actually fought to keep Citgo from tearing that sign down because they feel it represents the unique skyline of Boston. That’s a powerful piece of advertising if communities are fighting to keep it instead of asking for it to be taken down because it’s too bright or not aesthetically pleasing.

A logo, when used inside your store, can offer a sense of stability to consumers. Customers feel like they are surrounded by experts when they see employees wearing uniforms that represent the company. If employees, signs and business cards all carry your emblem, it portrays your business as successful, strong and reliable. It builds consumer trust with the business, even if the business has only been open a few months.

The real power of a logo though is it represents you. It puts your business on the map and gives it a unique personality. Picking one image to represent your brand helps you as you build a strong and recognizable marketing strategy. Your image becomes your calling card to brand recognition. It symbolizes more than just your name or industry, it symbolizes your growing success.

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