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Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Mon, Jan 18, 2016 @ 11:53 AM

Wicked Local Media Solutions: Direct Solutions | Wicked Local Media Solutions

Advertising your business is a balancing act that requires you to rely on methods that are reliable and find new strategies that will attract a bigger audience. A business owner, or manager, needs to figure out what ideas will work and are given a small window of opportunity to do so. There isn’t much room for failure when there are daily and weekly goals that need to be met.

Wicked Local Media Solutions offers local businesses our knowledge and expertise of the marketplace, to help spread your brand’s message to the immediate community and beyond. Our tools and experts can help your business navigate which marketing resources will work best to connect with your audience.

Direct Mail Marketing

Placing an ad online or in a print publication is usually a very successful way to increase the visibility of your business. But, we all know that using a variety of media is the best way to ensure you’re reaching all of your potential customers.

Including direct mail in your advertising plan can bolster your marketing strategy, by physically putting your business’s information in the hands of your customers. It may be a postcard that shares general information about your business, or a more detailed pamphlet that goes into detail about the products in your store. Including coupons is always a great way to entice customers to visit your store.

There is a general idea that because not many people write letters anymore, that the mail isn’t as valued as it once was. However, mail should still be an important part of every business’s marketing strategy. 70% of Americans say reading delivered mail is more personal than reading something online. 40% of shoppers are more likely to try a new business after receiving a mailed advertisement. 92% of young shoppers say they find direct mail more engaging than digital ads.

Whether you’re trying to introduce your business to the neighborhood or announcing a sale or promotion, direct mail marketing can be a very useful tool. Your audience still checks their mailbox every day, and these messages will be in their hands and on their tables as the sort through their mail. Let us help you create an engaging piece of advertising that will bring consumers to your business.

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