Wicked Local Media Solutions: Print Solutions

Posted by Nick Pizzolato on Wed, Jan 13, 2016 @ 12:12 PM

Wicked Local Media Solutions: Print Solutions

As a business owner or manager, you are always looking for the advertising solution that will be the most successful way of introducing consumers to your brand. You may be compelled to look for solutions on your own, but that can be tricky. It’s helpful to have a guide to offer advice to build a modern marketing strategy that will work best for your company.

Wicked Local Media Solutions offers local businesses our knowledge and expertise of the marketplace, to help spread your brand’s message to the immediate community and beyond. Our tools and experts can help your business navigate which marketing resources will work best to connect with your audience.

Print Marketing

You may think that the world has gone 100% digital, making advertising in traditional print media obsolete. However, print continues to be a trusted source for consumers to use when looking for products and business information. Even though the market is split with digital, three out of four small businesses advertise in publications and online platforms. Print advertising is still a vital part of the customer experience.

Placing an ad in a newspaper or magazine has been a successful marketing solution for generations. Newspapers offer a great service because they serve the community with news and they connect businesses with their customers. People expect to see advertisements in newspapers, which makes them as likely to turn to a publication in order to find an ad as they would to find a particular story.

A print publication is more than just an ad placed next to a news story though. There are other opportunities for you to connect with consumers by advertising in a newspaper. Having your business, product or announcement placed as a classified ad can help you target an audience directly. Customers read the classifieds every day, searching for a product or service that they can use. By placing an ad there, you’ll be able to reach these engaged readers.

Special Sections offer businesses a focused area to reach consumers. These sections are produced throughout the year and are aimed at connecting advertisers and consumers around a specific subject matter. These publications offer you the unique opportunity to find customers who are actually looking for products and services that your business specializes in.

Don’t let people dissuade you from marketing your business in print publications. it’s still a trusted source and one consumers use to find solutions to their problems. Wicked Local’s print publications serve 1.4 million readers a year. Let us find the print solution that will work best to connect your business with your customers.

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