Display Advertising: Capturing New Customers

Posted by Media Solutions on Mon, Aug 04, 2014 @ 02:57 PM

Display AdvertisingBuilding brand awareness – making sure consumers are familiar with the life and availability of your product is a key part of a complete web presence for your local business.

One way to effectively build brand awareness is through vibrant, compelling display advertising.

Online display ads appear in the form of banners and are displayed on websites relevant to what you’re selling. Banner ads target individual zip codes and specific audience segments to make sure you are targeting exactly the people who will be most interested in your business. Your ad can contain some type of graphic, video or audio element to be bright, engaging, and informative.

Not sure what makes a strong display ad? Here are some key points to focus on:

Eyes On the Prize!

To get the most out of your advertising campaign, it's important to identify the types of consumer you want to reach with your ads. A "Demand Side Platform," or DSP, allows advertisers and brands to buy target audiences rather than ad placements through technology called real-time bidding. Real-time bidding (RTB) platforms buy data about users from across the web, which is used to build an understanding of what age/gender/demographic groups are interested in which topics. This information is then fed into the real-time bidding platform, giving advertisers insight into who will be most like to purchase your product or service. Choosing the right audiences means the people seeing your ad are those most likely to buy, helping to ensure that your display campaign gets the most bang for your buck.

Get Creative!

Using a clean and visually appealing/compelling design can make or break your ad. Make sure to use images to bring banner ads to life or a graphic that represents your business (such as your logo) along with the name of the business, so it's easy to tell right off the bat who you are and what you offer. This helps potential customers recognize you, know right away if your business is relevant to what they are looking for, and stash the info away for future recognition as well.

display advertising

Get them to make a move!

Having an effective call to action (CTA) is an important aspect of your ad. It lets consumers know what to do - what action to take. Here you can offer incentives such as coupons or free estimates in order to entice your customers to click and take the next steps. One of the most effective ways to drive results from consumers is simply to ask them to take that step- Call today!

Make a page to remember!

What happens when someone clicks on your banner ad? It needs to lead to somewhere - your website or landing page! Wherever your ad sends people, it should provide all the necessary information potential customers need to close the deal. So how do you make this page is as effective as possible? Make sure to keep a consistent design and message between your display ad and landing page. This way your viewers can easily see the correlation between the two. It's important to have the same values and deals mentioned in the ad appear again on your landing page. Also, make sure the customer is directed to a page that is relevant to what is being advertised- if you are advertising home repair you don’t want them to land on a page discussing new construction- send them right to your repair page to get what they're looking for! They can then navigate through your site as they please, to see what else you have to offer.

The evidence is in the numbers

At the end of the day, it's important to know how much business your banner ads are really driving. You can track the business you gain from display ads to determine how effective your campaign is and make changes accordingly. The advertisement is tracked through things like impressions (how many times your ad appears on a page that is being viewed by a potential customer) and clicks (how many of those views turn into an action such as a click through to your landing page). You can also track calls and emails to see if these potential clients are turning into customers as well.

Making sure consumers are familiar with your business and your services is a key part of a complete web presence for your local business. It's crucial to select just the right target audience and get creative with your advertisements to help customers take action. With the right display ads, you can build brand awareness and drive customer leads in one fell swoop. Even if a customer doesn't click through and buy the first time, with the right ad they'll remember you and come back later! Your display advertising is your outlet to reach new customers and stay on their minds.

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