Establish your Business as the Expert with Custom Content

Whether your business is looking to start something new or strengthen your multimedia strategy Custom Content is a high impact way to connect with your audience.  Your content is displayed alongside our news content. That means people are looking for information and are open to learning about your product, service or business.  Our Custom Content packages provide businesses with the unique ability to sponsor custom crafted stories that distinguish them as an industry leader consumers can rely on.

Custom Content Highlights:

  • Custom Content will be created for your business with a content message you control to help you establish your business as an expert in your industry.
  • This Custom Content is embedded in with top news stories and clearly labeled to the consumer as “Sponsored Content”  making it well marked and differentiated from news stories, yet seamlessly integrated.
  • High traffic location on the page for maximum impact.
  • Custom Content allows you to reach highly engaged users.
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